Featured Ads

                                                           Get Featured on Reachz now


1.  Who can opt for Reachz Featured Paid Ads?
      Any individual or business who meets Reachz’s Listing policy and Terms of Use can opt for Reachz’s Featured Listings.
2.  Why should you use Reachz  Featured Ads?
     Featured ads are shown on our home page and help you make your ad more visible, reach out to more consumers
     and sell your product or service faster.
3.   How can one make their product or service to be a Featured Ad?
    To opt for a Featured ad, you need to have an Active Listing. As part of the Post ad flow, you will have to post your ad as a free ad .
    Once Your Ad is Approved and made live, You can  view it in your Account Dashboard. By Clicking My Featured Ads Link from Menu
     you can make it Featured following further steps.
4.  How much do Featured Ads cost?
    $5.00 per Ad
5. How do I pay for Featured Ads on Reachz?
    Currently, we offer following modes of payment options for Featured ads:
    1) PAYPAL  (Credit/Debit/Cash Card payment)
6. How long does my Ad remain as a Featured Ad?
    All ads on Reachz stay on site for 90 days as long as they meet the Listing Policy and Terms Of Use of the website.
    All Featured ads currently whether Top of Page or on search pages stay as a Featured ad on the website for 90 days.
7.  Do Featured Ads immediately get active once I have paid for it?
    All Featured ads go live to site within 24 Hours of the ad being paid.
8.  Can I get a refund for my Featured Ad?
    Listing Fees for your Featured ad are NOT refundable.