Wedding Planning Services

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As one of Bangalore's top wedding planners, we get special rates from vendors which we pass on to you.
We know what different services cost and can help you get the best value for your budget.We agree in advance what services you want from us and how much that will cost. It is not in our interest to hand you a bill at the end of the wedding that you were never expecting!
Wedding Invitations
Venue selection
Food and Beverage
Decoration and Flowers
Sound and Lighting
Accomodation & Transportation
Return Gifts

Wedding Decoration & Lighting
Decor holds another integral part of the wedding, as it sets the mood, creates romance and enhances the beauty of the entire event. Therefore we design and decorate the venue from seating to the mantap. Everything, customized to your needs and wants.
Religious ceremony
Bride and Grooms residence
Reception Venue: entrance, halls, stage , backdrop, tables, walls, etc
Wedding Car or limousine
Floral arrangements

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Rings & Roses

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